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Contact us for web development - We offer web design for businesses and professionals with the best price-quality ratio.

Past experience has shown us that it is important to each client that the process of creating a web site, as well as the preparatory phase, be maximally simple, understandable and transparent, regardless of the complexity of the project.

Your task is to provide instructions and materials needed for proper website development (logo, text, photographs), and our task is to provide conceptual site design and create the website.

As we are aware that this might be your first encounter with the process of web design and development of websites and applications, we offer the opportunity to meet with us at one-hour free project meeting, where we will provide you with the guidelines on the preparation of materials (or project documentation ) as well as the necessary instructions about the design.

We ask that you prepare for this project meeting the following information:

  • Clear goal and the content, as well as required functionality of website and application
  • All potential questions about the process or any other aspect of our offer
  • Your wishes and suggestions about the design with potential examples of sites considered to be the reference for any reason

These are the materials that we need to create your website:

  • all texts you wish to publish, together with translations if the site is going to be multilingual
  • photos in the proper format (jpeg, gif)
  • pdf documents and any other material you wish to publish on your website
  • project documentation if it is a more complex project (service or portal)

Acceptable formats of materials:

  • for texts - electronic form (word, txt, pdf)
  • for photos – electronic form (jpeg, gif, png i sl.) + photos for scanning
  • films – mpeg,mov, flv

Some of our tasks:

  • web domain registration (*.hr, *.com, *.net, *.org, *.biz, itd.) and web hosting
  • conceptual web design solutions - following the meeting and the agreement we will send you our proposal for web design that will be polished until you final approval
  • creating website – we are using the latest technologies (CSS, DIV tags, PhP, MySql, JavaScript, Flash) and compy with the standards of our profession

Please feel free to contact us for the information on prices of our services.

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